P​.​I​.​D. (Preachers In Disguise)

by Frontline Records


P.I.D. or Preachers in Disguise made their debut nationally in 1988 with the album Here We Are on Graceland, before releasing the record independantly as a music cassette.

Line Up
The crew consisted of Barry Hogan also known as Barry G., Fred Lynch and DJ Selecta. Barry G. departed after three albums. The Chosen Ones in 1991 was his last record for PID. This album was also the introduction of Fred lynch's brother K-mack the Knife.

Founding Fathers
PID are one of the founders of the holyhiphop scene in the United States. Stephen Wiley was the first HHH artist, then Michael Peace and just after DC Talk, came PID's breakthrough.

P.I.D. changed their name into Preachas after four albums and released their last record Violent playgrounds in 1993. This album was the fruit of their labour of love they finally got the production process under control and the album is considered one of the best HHH albums of the time.


released October 19, 2013

1988-Were We Were
1989- Back To Back
1992-Born With A Gift
1998-Get Into It



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