Die Happy

by Frontline Records


Die Happy was a Christian rock band that formed in 1990. The band was formed when Vengeance Rising members Larry Farkas, Doug Thieme, Glenn Mancaruso, and Roger Dale Martin split the band, citing unrest with that band's front man and vocalist, Roger Martinez. They hired Robyn Kyle Basauri, formerly of Jaguar, as a vocalist and he officially joined the band after the release of their eponymous debut.
At the time of their first album the band was seen as "Vengeance Rising with a new Vocalist".[1] For their second release, however, their sound changed to more of a hard, classic rock sound. Lyrically, the band was socially focused. Songs dealt with issues such as Magic Johnson and HIV-AIDS("Real") and American Indian massacres("Painted Truth").


released October 19, 2013

1992: Die Happy (Intense Records,
1993: Volume 2 (Intense Records)
1993: Intense Live Series Vol. 4 (Intense Records)



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